Friday, March 16, 2007


Boston is supposed to be hit with a major snowstorm -- so I'm going to see if I can track the rising chaos. Or show the encroaching grey as rainy slush melts boringly on the ever-wetter pavement. In any case -- here's a shot from Cambridge at noon:

Oops! That's not Cambridge, it's my facemates Ruth and Dashe, with their sea monkeys! Ruth is being cute, and Dashe is holding Andre Dawson. The sea monkeys are crowned with a yellow Peep. Back to the presnow:

Two o'clock picture:

Three o'clock picture:


Socialist Christian Hippie said...

It was warm today. Did much work on the farm. i like your snow pics.

I had always thought Andre Dawson was bigger.

BTW, Sosa made the Rangers 40 man I hear.

mrc said...

Well, Andre has lost a little weight since his playing days. Oh, and height, too. I can't believe Sosa made the roster. Good luck to him! I bet he doesn't play his boom box in the clubhouse any more...